Friday, May 26, 2006

An email from Mrs Delia Crawford.



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Subject: An email from Mrs Delia Crawford.

Dear Friend,

As you glance through my email, don?t feel sad for me or neglected but
its the way I believe God has planned it to be. My name is Mrs. Delia.
Crawford, an American citizen but in Greece. I suddenly had a stroke
And it paralyzed must of my lower body and the doctors said if i
everHave another stroke it could turn me into a vegetable. I have
instructed The hospital that if such should happen that they should
pull the plug On me and i have also signed the document that allows
that. Before this I lived a full and adventurous life because my
parents were wealthy and I was the only child before they passed on.
My father was one of the Top ranchers in Texas and he made most of his
wealth from American oil And Cattle. I was very proud and hostile
towards people and only focused on Myself but now i regret all this as
i now realize that there is more to Life than just wanting to have or
make all the wealth in the world.

If i had a second chance to live my life differently from the way it
Has being lived I would do so but its all fiction now and I have to
Accept my faith. I have used my final days to spread my families?
wealth Around to organizations in need and charitable homes but now
that my health Has worsened, I cannot do this anymore and need someone
who would be Reliable enough to carry on from where i stopped. You
must believe in Goodness and have a strong will to acquire. I want to
better your life And life of others across this world with what my
late dad worked all His life for me. I would have to stop here dear
until i am certain that You are a reliable individual to carry out
this task. I hope this mail Reaches you well and have a brilliant day.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Delia. Crawford

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