Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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標題: 免費的pdf旅遊指南
時間: Tue Jun 24 22:15:39 2008

Free Travel Guides

簡單明瞭 好用!!!


Free travel guides
• Written by professional journalists
Detailed maps
• High quality maps for all destinations
Downloadable in Pdf format
• More than 320 destinations

Europe (237 travel guides)
London is the place to be! Its vibrant culture just keeps expanding and developing, and you can feel the buzz as soon as you arrive......more>>
North America (14 travel guides)
New York
New York is pure energy. You've seen the towering skyscrapers, the bustling traffic and bright lights in the movies......more>>
Asia (27 travel guides)
Hong Kong
With its subtropical climate, beautiful scenery, a flood of electronic gadgets, lively nightlife and exquisite food, Hong Kong is......more>>
Aus & S. Pacific (29 travel guides)
It was perhaps the Olympic Games in 2000 which placed Sydney definitively among the ranks of world-class cities......more>>


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