Friday, November 07, 2008

==5 Nov~7 Nov==

==5 Nov==
Practice Writing
The Internet Wireless Broadband quota has alomost been over limit quota, and i didn't want waste that, so i uploaded a lot of pictures.

==6 Nov==
 The weather was raining in this morning, so that we didn't go to anywhere and we went to return the rental car at first. After that, I leaded Yenmin in Perth to open a bank account and buy the cellphone SIM card. Then, I left Yenmin alone in city and I went home by bus. But the weather was cold and the wind was high when I waited in the bus stop. I felt I have a little headache, or maybe I got a cold. Finally, I went to bed early.
 Yenmin said that he was the first time to eat the food I cooked today.

==7 Nov==
 We studied how to let two notebooks access internet at the same time in the morning. And we succeeded.
 I had a engagement in tonight, but I broke the appointment with Steven. The reason is that I didn't want to wait bus for long time when the time was too late to went home.

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