Sunday, November 09, 2008

==8-9 Nov==

==8 Nov==



Because I felt uneasy in recent days, I didn't go out to play and studied at home. I never finded that there is only 36 days to TOEIC exam day until Jerry called me to outdoor again. Oh! my god. I need to plan my remaining days.

I finded there is "Fishing for Abalon" activity in perth in Novermber.Unfortunately this activity only is only held 6 weeks and it's very interested for my.

To play or not to play, it is a big question.

==9 Nov==



I and Yenmin went to the flea market in Belmont. But it's really unusual, it was nobody there. It wasted our energy and time.

We drank in afternoon, and cooked in evening. Everything is ok.

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